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Pilot Examiner

Sport Pilot (and Sport Pilot Instructor) Practical Tests and Proficiency Checks (as well as endorsements) are available in the following categories and classes:

  • Sport Pilot Airplane (and Instructor)
  • Sport Pilot Glider (and Instructor)
  • Sport Pilot Weight-Shift-Control (and Instructor)
  • Sport Pilot Powered Parachute
  • Private Pilot Weight-Shift-Control (including Night)
  • All Class D endorsements, etc

Contact Person:

Jon Thornburgh (for Airplane, Glider, Weight-Shift Control)
Matt Liknaitzky (for Airplane, Glider, Weight-Shift Control)
Phil Dietro (for Powered Parachute)


For more information on Sport Pilot Examinations, please visit:



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